There’s Still So Much to Love about Sex Education

NOTE: There are definitely spoilers ahead. You have been warned. Getting the flu really sucks. What with all the coughing, sneezing, body aches and chills, you really can’t do much while you’re recovering. It’s almost as if my body was insisting that I stay in and binge watch the second season of Sex Education on Netflix. Challenge accepted! I absolutely adored the first season of the show. It was funny, educational and charming. I expected nothing less from the second outing. However, while the season was still great, I should’ve remembered the sophomore slump. New shows often have trouble finding …

Sex Education Is a Pure Delight

When my son was in middle school, his school sent home a permission slip about The Sex Talk. Instead of just teaching sexual information as a normal part of their health class, the school had to make it into an event. Not that I blame them. This is Texas. Each parent had to sign off on whether their child could attend the presentation. I seriously considered saying no, not because I don’t believe in good sex education, but because I do. The proposed program was mostly fear-based, showing kids the horrors of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and, of …

Aziz Ansari and Why His Misconduct Matters

The #MeToo movement was just the first step in dealing with sexual violence. The incident involving comedian Aziz Ansari matters because the complexity highlights issues of power, consent and just how far we have to go.

Mother’s Day Gets It Wrong

Mother’s Day has turned into a commercial bonanza lauding the work of mothers. Instead of focusing on the chores mothers do, we need to emphasize the mothering experience and how it can bring about fundamental change.

Five Lessons from Black Panther

While Black Panther is a fun movie, it also provides lessons relevant to real life. The fictional country of Wakanda has a lot to say about the foundations of leadership and righteousness. We would do well to listen and emulate.

Hazel Scott: Playing the Right Notes

Hazel Scott was a musical genius who also challenged injustice. Although she’s been forgotten, her talent and dedication to equality deserve to be remembered.

Goodbye to Princess Leia and Her Mom

In a heartbreaking coda to a turbulent 2016, we lost both Princess Leia and her mother. While many will remember them for the memorable movie roles they played, I’ll always think of what wonderful women they were and the unsinkable bond that they shared.

Fathering Ironman: A New Way to View Father’s Day

Tony Stark (Iron Man) had a difficult relationship with his father. Although his dad loved him, Tony never believed that he did and this negatively affected him. It could be that Howard Stark didn’t know how to be a good dad. With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time we reconsidered the fathering role so that it’s better for both dads and kids.

The Leslie Knope of It All

Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation is an amazing feminist character. Her love of government service, compassion, enthusiasm and champion of women make her a fabulous role model for all of us.