The Bloom is Off the Rose and That’s OK. - Photo by Nikoretro

Aging is a difficult process and it is made that much harder by our refusal to talk about it. We must accept that there are good parts about getting older and celebrate them.

Bill Cosby: The Fall of America’s Dad

The accusations of rape against Bill Cosby have been difficult to understand, mostly because of his beloved reputation. However, Narcissistic Personality Disorder could explain how he could explain both the horrible and great parts of his personality.

The Cycle of Insanity: And Mass Shootings Continue

Photo by abac077 -

Yet another mass shooting illustrates the cycle of insanity in which we currently live. As long as we refuse to do anything about the systemic factors behind each incident, we guarantee that there will be others.

Ray Rice and Domestic Violence: The NFL’s Many Mistakes

After learning about Ray Rice and his domestic violence troubles, the NFL had an opportunity to show they take that issue seriously. However, through their many missteps and false promises, all they’ve done is prove that they don’t care about domestic violence at all.

Ode to Joy

A couple singing and dancing in a gas station made me realize that we don’t have nearly enough joy in our lives. If we are to remedy that, we need to slow down, create opportunities for it and make sure that making an ode to joy is a daily occurrence.