Goodbye to My Mom the Fighter

I’ve always been in awe of my mom, Judith Ann Holden Hook Dixon. She was so strong and firm in her convictions. If something needed to be done, she did it. If there was an unpleasant truth, she faced it. If there was injustice, she confronted it. She raced through life, always determined to get where she needed to go efficiently. One of my fond memories is waiting for her to pick me up at my grandparent’s house. As we heard the squeal of the tires as she turned into the driveway, Papa casually said, “Judy’s here!” Judy was born …

Fathering Ironman: A New Way to View Father’s Day

Tony Stark (Iron Man) had a difficult relationship with his father. Although his dad loved him, Tony never believed that he did and this negatively affected him. It could be that Howard Stark didn’t know how to be a good dad. With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time we reconsidered the fathering role so that it’s better for both dads and kids.

The Tyranny of Being Busy

We’re so used to being busy that we don’t take time to think about what it means for us. Being busy helps get things done but often at too high of a price.

Mother Blame: Psychology’s Shame


The field of psychology has much to answer for with regard to our work with mothers. Mother blame has been a huge mistake for us but we can do better.

Child Custody Suits Harm Families

The recent child custody battles of Halle Berry and Jason Patric point out the flaws in our legal system when dealing with families. Instead of being adversarial, families in trouble need the kind of assistance that ensures everyone can win.

In the Name of All Fathers

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is fraught with ridiculous generalities and silly sentiments. Instead of being beholden to advertisers’ image of dad, perhaps it’s time to examine the history of fathers and what they have to offer.

Returning to the Roots of Mother’s Day

Before it became an ode to mothers, Mother’s Day was about promoting peace and social justice. As our world becomes increasingly difficult, perhaps it is time to return to its original meaning. By looking at what some mothers have done, we can be inspired.