Justified is All Class

Justified, class issues

Every so often, my sister will tell me that I need to watch a television show she thinks I will like. Often I just ignore her but on occasion I’ll give in and watch. Whenever this happens, I almost always get hooked and that is what happened when I started watching Justified on F/X. The show just started its third season but I quickly caught up and am now watching it in real time. Justified is the story of Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens. Raylan was working in Miami but, after a controversial shooting, was reassigned to an office near …

Facebook – The Facebook Frenzy

In thinking through this Facebook frenzy, I have come up with several questions that I think are worth considering. If people could not connect through an online site, what would they do? Would they find other, more emotionally intimate ways to connect? Does face-to-face social networking have more of an impact?

Running on Empty: The Lost Promise of “The Lucky One”

As a family psychologist, I deal with the fall-out of divorce and am familiar with the struggles many have whenever new significant others enter their lives. Often, this is when the rubber meets the road of escalating conflict, as the divorced parents fully confront the reality of not having much control over all aspects of their children’s lives.