Collin County Local Politics: Your Sing-Along Guide to Voting

October 21, 2023

Greetings, faithful readers. Your friendly local politics nerd is back! Early voting for our upcoming election that’s (mostly) about government spending starts Monday, so here I am once again wading into the fray. Like most local elections, this one will be low turn-out. However, since few actual races are on the ballot and constitutional amendments are always confusing, this one will be extremely low turn-out.

While that’s disappointing for overall democracy, it’s exciting for you personally because it means YOU have the opportunity to make a true difference! So, grab your voter ID (whatever it is), shame your college-age children into voting by mail, and let’s hit the polls!

Constitutional Amendments

First up will be the 14 (!!) statewide constitutional amendments. For some strange reason, many progressive organizations refuse to offer voting guidance (looking at you, Texas Democratic Party – do better!) but others have done the work for us. I especially like the recommendations given by the McKinney Area Democratic Club because they’re well-researched and get immediately to the point. Please head there to get the rationale for the votes.

Constitutional Amendment Sing-Along Guide (to the tune of B-I-N-G-O).

These are the ones to VOTE NO!

Collin County Bond Proposals

Next up will be the Collin County Bond proposals. Before I get to the singing part, it’s important to note that the reason we have any bond proposals at all, much less 5 (!!), is that our current commissioners aren’t doing their jobs. If they’d raise taxes to support county services as they should, we wouldn’t have to do this. And we’re actually paying MORE for bonds.

I’m a doctor, not an economist (fun Star Trek reference) but I’m married to one, so if you want more details, please ask him. Basically, we’re going to pay more in taxes for the issuance of the bonds, the interest accrued, and the process of paying them back (which, given the commissioners, will be in the most stupid way possible) than we would if they’d just raise taxes, especially for things like road maintenance.

Mary Poppins would not be fooled. She’d immediately see that they’re trying to give us a spoonful of sugar to make the b*llsh*t go down.

Fundamentally, the commissioners are (spoiler alert) being dishonest. The county-wide services we need cost money, and we must pay for them out of our taxes. Pretending they’re against raising taxes but asking us to use bonds to pay for the services we want is a sleight of hand designed to fool voters. That will probably work on Republicans – they’re a gullible lot – but it shouldn’t work on Democrats. We’re more critical thinkers; we know we must pay for what we want.

Proposition A: Upgrading court and detention facilities.

Long-time readers of my column may remember that the commissioners used Democrat-passed ARPA funds intended to help people and businesses bounce back from Covid for various capital projects. Don’t even get me started! One of the projects was building a large infirmary for the jail that no one asked for and isn’t needed if the commissioners would do their jobs (seeing a theme here?). The county jail already is woefully understaffed because turnover is incredibly high. Adding a facility that will cost more in upkeep and is likely to be understaffed isn’t going to improve anything. I’m AGAINST this proposition.

Sing-Along Guide for Prop A (sung to the tune of Jailhouse Rock):

The sheriff made a mess of the county jail
The prison staff was there, and they began to wail
The guards are leavin', and the cells began to ring
You should've heard the pissed off jail staff sing

Vote NO
Everybody, vote NO
Everybody with a brain not rock
Will vote no to the Jailhouse Block

Proposition B: Expanding the Animal Shelter.

Once the SPCA facility in McKinney closed, the Collin County Animal Shelter quickly became overcrowded. The shelter has been woefully underfunded for years despite citizens pleading with the commissioners to adequately fund it. They’ve refused, probably because animals can’t vote or generate profit for them. It’s time to force the commissioners to take care of the vulnerable creatures entrusted to our care. I’m FOR this proposition.

Sing-Along Guide for Prop B (sung to the tune of Somebody to Love):

Got no pet, I got no furry one,
I just keep losing my beat 
I'm okay, I'm alright 
I need the patter of little feet
I just gotta get them a big place
Someday they’re gonna be free, Lord

Vote YES for the shelter
Vote YES for the shelter
Find them somebody to love
Find them somebody to love (repeat)

Proposition C: Expanding the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Expanding the Medical Examiner’s (ME) office is another project the commissioners designated ARPA funds for yet here is the bond. If 2 of the 3 projects earmarked for the federal funds (which were supposed to go to people and small businesses) haven’t been completed, then we need to know where those millions of dollars went. I’m not going to give these yahoos even more money when I don’t know how the original money was spent. I’m AGAINST this proposition.

Sing-Along Guide for Prop C (sung to the tune of Time Warp):

I remember pressing the No square
Drinking those moments when
The anger would hit me
And justice would be calling

Press the NO square for ME
Press the NO square for ME

It's just a press to the left
And then a poke to the right
Put your hands on your hips
And bring your fist up right

But it's the corrupt court
That really drives you insane
Press the NO square for ME
Press the NO square for ME

Proposition D: Developing Parks and Open Spaces.

Acquiring, developing, and expanding our parks and open spaces is something that’s needed to happen for a long time. Parks and open spaces enhance the feeling of community, offer group activities, and promote good physical and mental health. They’re also good for our economy as they encourage concerts, festivals, and other fun events that stimulate businesses and bring money into the area. What’s not to love? I’m FOR this proposition.

Sing-Along Guide for Prop D (sung to the tune of Walking on Sunshine):

I'm walking in sunshine, whoa
I'm walking in sunshine, whoa
I'm walking in sunshine, whoa
And don't it feel good.

Hey, alright now
Vote YES for our parks

I'll say it, say it, say it again now
Vote YES for our parks!!

Proposition E: Road and Bridge Maintenance.

I agree with you. Every time you drive over a pothole in your city or are on I75 trying not to ride along the irritating lines in the middle of the far left lanes, you think that we need to spend more on road maintenance. And you’d be correct. But this bond won’t cover any of those areas. Collin County doesn’t maintain U.S. Highways, state roadways, private roadways, or roads within city limits. Other funds take care of them. This bond covers county roads and highways.

In 2018, the commissioners approved a $750 million transportation bond, with $600 million of that specifically being used for new highways. That was just 5 years ago and yet here they are again, asking us to shell out $380 million for the same issue. Are we going to do these every 5 years? Roads and bridges need ongoing maintenance which means that taxes need to be used to cover the cost. A bond isn’t supposed to be used for ongoing projects and maintenance. Good fiscal governance requires that bonds be used for a one-time big project. This isn’t that. We need to make the commissioners do their jobs! I’m AGAINST this proposition.

Sing-Along Guide to Prop E (sung to the tune of Take Me Home, Country Roads):

County roads, take us home
To the place we belong.
One-time bond props don’t get it done
Voting NO on county roads.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your Sing-Along Voting Guide and will use it when voting. Feel free to pass it along to all your like-minded friends and family. Remember: all politics is local, so please get active within your community! The Liberal Action Network of Collin County is dedicated to keeping Democrats informed about everything going on that impacts our lives, so please step up and help. We particularly need assistance in keeping tabs on our shady Commissioner’s Court.

That’s all I’ve got for now. See you at the polls!

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