The Newtown Anniversary: Facing the Toxic Mix of Men and Guns

As the first anniversary of the Newtown massacre approaches, we must continue asking ourselves about the true cause of such tragedies. We must start thinking about how the combination of men and guns is toxic and figure out what we can do about it.

No More Grassy Knoll: A Look at Conspiracy Theories

With the recent 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, conspiracy theories have been in full bloom. Perhaps it is time to consider what is behind our tendency to look for conspiracies where there might be none.

Remembering the Tragedy in Tucson

With our recent focus on mental illness, it’s time to revisit the tragedy in Tucson. We need to remember those who died and give their deaths meaning by correcting what went wrong.

What We Can Learn from 9/11

9/11, grief

It’s been ten years since terrorists attacked the United States. Much has happened since then, but some of the lessons we learned seem to be the wrong ones. Instead of continuing down our path filled with rage, perhaps it’s time to learn from the examples of others and actually deal with our feelings. Only then we can move forward.

It’s the System, Stupid!

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If we want to do something about the unjust Trayvon Martin verdict, we must stop thinking about vengeance, and prepare ourselves for a long, hard fight against a discriminatory infrastructure. The Stand Your Ground laws must be overturned. People who have a history of domestic violence and resisting arrest — people like George Zimmerman — should not be allowed to own or carry guns.