Remembering the Tragedy in Tucson

With our recent focus on mental illness, it’s time to revisit the tragedy in Tucson. We need to remember those who died and give their deaths meaning by correcting what went wrong.

Psychologists Should Be Front and Center

Psychologists can do more to make the population healthier — so why aren’t we? If it’s going to help move society in the right direction, psychology as a profession needs to make its presence felt.

Respect Psychology and We All Win

For all the value that psychology contributes, the field doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Psychology is a science — a behavioral science — and deserves to be acknowledged as such.

Overscheduling and Anxiety Go Hand in Hand

anxious, busy, overscheduled

Given this emphasis on accomplishments, overscheduling seems to many parents like the right thing to do. However, the side effects to this are disturbing. Physicians are seeing a rise in overuse injuries in younger kids and mental health professionals are reporting an increase in anxiety at earlier ages.

Sex and Sexuality is Not One-Size-Fits-All

If both partners in the relationship have the same level of desire and sexual ability, things can go smoothly. However, this is not always the case, and many people find themselves in a relationship where one partner has a high level of desire but the other doesn’t. Sex is not one-size-fits-all.

Disciplining Children – Spanking and Physical Abuse

behavior child discipline

You may have heard about the 7 minute video of a family court judge from Texas spanking (beating) his then 16-year-old daughter with a belt. The incident occurred seven years ago when the daughter, knowing such a beating was coming, secretly taped it.

Emotional Pain – Sharing the Pain is Good

Although we are hardwired for empathy, so many people indulge in selfish behavior. Our culture would be in a lot better shape if more people demonstrated empathy — and here are three skills that can help increase empathy.

People Are Stupid…Until They’re Not

People are stupid! Those are the words one of my adolescent patients threw at me recently. She was responding to the near constant harassment she endures at school from many of her peers. She said it defiantly, almost like she was daring me to contradict her. And as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t, not really. Because she is right. People are stupid.

Grief is Nothing to Cry About

Our cultural narrative about grief is that it is something best left unmentioned. However, grief actually has quite a few positive results including helping us manage our world better.