Bill Cosby: The Fall of America’s Dad

The accusations of rape against Bill Cosby have been difficult to understand, mostly because of his beloved reputation. However, Narcissistic Personality Disorder could explain how he could explain both the horrible and great parts of his personality.

The Cycle of Insanity: And Mass Shootings Continue

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Yet another mass shooting illustrates the cycle of insanity in which we currently live. As long as we refuse to do anything about the systemic factors behind each incident, we guarantee that there will be others.

No Longer Running on Empty: Five Ways of Recharging Your Battery

These days a lot of people feel like they’re running on empty. They report feeling tired, sad, depressed and unmotivated. However, there are things you can do to counteract these feelings. The five ways of recharging your battery can help you feel full of life again.

Ode to Joy

A couple singing and dancing in a gas station made me realize that we don’t have nearly enough joy in our lives. If we are to remedy that, we need to slow down, create opportunities for it and make sure that making an ode to joy is a daily occurrence.

Child Custody Suits Harm Families

The recent child custody battles of Halle Berry and Jason Patric point out the flaws in our legal system when dealing with families. Instead of being adversarial, families in trouble need the kind of assistance that ensures everyone can win.

Pondering Torture and Psychology’s Code of Ethics

The American Psychological Association’s recent refusal to censure psychologists who participated in torture comes with serious ethical implications. If psychologists are to be effective, the public must know that we abide by our Code of Ethics or face the wrath of our colleagues.

The Biggest Loser Needs to Stop Blaming the Lettuce!

Shows like The Biggest Loser focus solely on individual responsibility for why people are fat. Instead of once again addressing merely the symptoms of our obesity crisis, perhaps we should concentrate on the systemic problems we have with food and exercise.

All I Want for Christmas is Quiet

The holidays have become too loud, and all the noise is drowning out what Christmas was meant to celebrate. Perhaps quiet can put things back into perspective.