The Secret of My Success for Women: Why Can’t It Be Talent?

Hollywood and the news media often depict women professionals as cold, sexy or goofy, all so that they can be as unthreatening as possible. These stereotyped views ignore the stories of real women and leads to significant negative ramifications for women professionals in the real world.

“Masters of Sex”: Shining a Spotlight on Women

Showtime’s new series, Masters of Sex, looks at the unlikely real-life partnership of Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson. The show also incorporates the lives of other women living in that time and, in so doing, gives messages about gender roles both past and present.

The Newtown Anniversary: Facing the Toxic Mix of Men and Guns

As the first anniversary of the Newtown massacre approaches, we must continue asking ourselves about the true cause of such tragedies. We must start thinking about how the combination of men and guns is toxic and figure out what we can do about it.

Female Friendships: Hitting All the Right Notes

In a society in which female friendships are devalued, it is nice to see a movie that turns that on its head. We all need to realize that, contrary to the messages we hear, female friendships are important.

The Attack on Abortion and Women’s Fertility

Lawmakers are holding hearings on women’s healthcare issues and are refusing to allow women to even have a voice in them. Men are deciding for women just what it is that we can and cannot do with women’s fertility, our healthcare and our bodies.

It’s Time to Focus on REAL Rape Prevention

Rape is not about sex, it’s used as a tool of war. Rape is a way to actively oppress another human being. Rape is not about pleasure; it is about pain. Most importantly, rape is and always has been about the need for power and control.