The Big Picture in the McCullen and Hobby Lobby Rulings

The recent Supreme Court decisions of McCullen v. Coakley and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby showed a disturbing trend in limiting women’s reproductive freedom. However, if we look at the process (big picture) instead of the content (the rulings), the news is even worse.

In the Name of All Fathers

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is fraught with ridiculous generalities and silly sentiments. Instead of being beholden to advertisers’ image of dad, perhaps it’s time to examine the history of fathers and what they have to offer.

Returning to the Roots of Mother’s Day

Before it became an ode to mothers, Mother’s Day was about promoting peace and social justice. As our world becomes increasingly difficult, perhaps it is time to return to its original meaning. By looking at what some mothers have done, we can be inspired.

The Sucker Punch of How I Met Your Mother Finale

The How I Met Your Mother finale was a sucker punch for many fans. Although some are upset about the poor writing, it was the sad ending for all of the female characters that was truly painful.

The Mother of All Journeys: Becoming a Mothering Activist

As a third generation ardent feminist, women’s issues have always been of the greatest importance to me. Even while attending high school in southern Missouri (not the most welcome environment for a feminist), I was very aware of issues like unequal pay, sexual harassment, dearth of female leaders, and the silencing of girls in the academic environment. No one talked about mothering as a woman’s issue. When I went to college, my education in feminism continued and I added the issues of reproductive rights, violence against women, body image, sexual orientation, occupational segregation of women, inequity in religion, and legal …