The Mother of All Journeys: Becoming a Mothering Activist

As a third generation ardent feminist, women’s issues have always been of the greatest importance to me. Even while attending high school in southern Missouri (not the most welcome environment for a feminist), I was very aware of issues like unequal pay, sexual harassment, dearth of female leaders, and the silencing of girls in the academic environment. No one talked about mothering as a woman’s issue. When I went to college, my education in feminism continued and I added the issues of reproductive rights, violence against women, body image, sexual orientation, occupational segregation of women, inequity in religion, and legal …

Time is Not On Our Side Because We’re All “Mom Enough”

Doctors of all stripes (unfortunately, this most definitely includes psychologists) have blamed moms for everything, from causing schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, to chastising them for being ambitious (stage moms), being overprotective (helicopter moms), and emasculating male children (mama’s boys). Some moms even get blamed for the father’s addictions or abuse because they didn’t fight hard enough to stop it.

Overscheduling and Anxiety Go Hand in Hand

anxious, busy, overscheduled

Given this emphasis on accomplishments, overscheduling seems to many parents like the right thing to do. However, the side effects to this are disturbing. Physicians are seeing a rise in overuse injuries in younger kids and mental health professionals are reporting an increase in anxiety at earlier ages.

Glee-ful Conversations With Children About Diversity

teaching diversity

For all its faults (and there are many), Glee is a show that isn’t afraid to take chances. It does not shy away from controversial topics, nor does it depict an unrealistic view of who comprises our population. Instead, it showcases diversity of all kinds in a natural way, versus presenting it through Very Special Episodes.

Seven Ways to Parent Our Sons for Success

Why do we not talk about the way we’re hurting boys by the way we parent our sons? Why is it that the mothers (and yes, the media usually focus only on mothers) of girls are the only ones shouldering such a burden?