The Big Picture in the McCullen and Hobby Lobby Rulings

The recent Supreme Court decisions of McCullen v. Coakley and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby showed a disturbing trend in limiting women’s reproductive freedom. However, if we look at the process (big picture) instead of the content (the rulings), the news is even worse.

Texas Forever or Texas Whatever?

Texas has long been known as the state with big hair and a big heart. While the big hair is still true, the big-heartedness has waned. Yes, there are many great things here, but the ‘greatness’ has dimmed because of its policies and their results. This feels like cognitive dissonance — although many folks still proclaim how awesome Texas is, evidence contradicts this.

“Masters of Sex”: Shining a Spotlight on Women

Showtime’s new series, Masters of Sex, looks at the unlikely real-life partnership of Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson. The show also incorporates the lives of other women living in that time and, in so doing, gives messages about gender roles both past and present.