What We Can Learn from 9/11

9/11, grief

It’s been ten years since terrorists attacked the United States. Much has happened since then, but some of the lessons we learned seem to be the wrong ones. Instead of continuing down our path filled with rage, perhaps it’s time to learn from the examples of others and actually deal with our feelings. Only then we can move forward.

Episode III: A New Hope or Revenge?

Continuing with our look at the psychology of Star Wars, if we use the films as a template for our cultural zeitgeist, are we becoming more like Luke or more like Darth Vader?

Life Defined: The Meaning of Life

Although popular culture is often banal, there is worthwhile meaning embedded in this television show, including some Zen lessons on letting go of resentment, seeking justice instead of revenge, managing anger, achieving acceptance when times seem dark, and recognizing our life connection with others.

Emotional Pain – Sharing the Pain is Good

Although we are hardwired for empathy, so many people indulge in selfish behavior. Our culture would be in a lot better shape if more people demonstrated empathy — and here are three skills that can help increase empathy.