Seven Ways to Parent Our Sons for Success

Why do we not talk about the way we’re hurting boys by the way we parent our sons? Why is it that the mothers (and yes, the media usually focus only on mothers) of girls are the only ones shouldering such a burden?

Facebook – The Facebook Frenzy

In thinking through this Facebook frenzy, I have come up with several questions that I think are worth considering. If people could not connect through an online site, what would they do? Would they find other, more emotionally intimate ways to connect? Does face-to-face social networking have more of an impact?

The Attack on Abortion, Birth Control and Women’s Fertility

Lawmakers are holding hearings on women’s healthcare issues and are refusing to allow women to even have a voice in them. Men are deciding for women just what it is that we can and cannot do with women’s fertility, our healthcare and our bodies.