Learning Empathy: Some Concrete Suggestions

Perfect Empathy

The importance of empathy cannot be overstated yet it seems to be a skill that many people are lacking. If more of us concentrated on teaching empathy skills, we might soon see the benefits.

Overcoming Evil: More Lessons from The Pacific

The Pacific mini-series does a good job of showing the presence of evil in us all. But it doesn’t have to be this way. When we allow ourselves to be feel empathy and be emotionally available, then we can overcome the evil within ourselves.

Our Relationship to Conflict: Lessons from The Pacific

conflict, boundaries, empathy, understanding, anger, aggression

One of the best things I’ve learned during my training in counseling psychology is that there are healthier reactions to conflict. One such reaction is to gain understanding and empathy for the other person or situation.

Emotional Pain – Sharing the Pain is Good

Although we are hardwired for empathy, so many people indulge in selfish behavior. Our culture would be in a lot better shape if more people demonstrated empathy — and here are three skills that can help increase empathy.