The Power of Fear is a Curious Thing

The power of fear is driving many of our worst personal decisions and public policies. If we can find courage, maybe we can do what scares us the most.

Emotions Come From the Heart Instead of the Head

emotions, heart

Emotions are very important. They can mean the difference between health and sickness and good relationships and bad. If people learn how to truly feel their emotions, they can gain the emotional intimacy they want.

Episode III: A New Hope or Revenge?

Continuing with our look at the psychology of Star Wars, if we use the films as a template for our cultural zeitgeist, are we becoming more like Luke or more like Darth Vader?

Episode II: Star Wars Relationships are ‘Force’ful

Luke, relationships

Continuing with Episode II of my series on the psychology of Star Wars, this week Anakin’s son, Luke, deals with difficult emotions, like his father did, but in a totally different way. He develops a strong emotional center thanks to social connections and support.

Life Defined: The Meaning of Life

Although popular culture is often banal, there is worthwhile meaning embedded in this television show, including some Zen lessons on letting go of resentment, seeking justice instead of revenge, managing anger, achieving acceptance when times seem dark, and recognizing our life connection with others.