Stay at Home Mothers and Anxiety

Anxiety can be a common problem for stay at home mothers. Learning anxiety reduction techniques like positive self-talk, distraction and mindfulness can help.

Moving Forward in Relationships

Figuring out how to meet the needs of both partners can be tricky, especially when something as serious as marriage is involved. That is why communication and setting a boundary is crucial for the process of moving forward in relationships.

When No is the Answer: Examining Therapeutic Non-Compliance

Getting patients to follow the treatment plan is a huge problem for healthcare providers. Physician groups have studied drug non-compliance in detail and are coming up with solutions yet we are not doing the same thing for mental health.

Seek Help for Depression and Anxiety

Although mental illness is getting more recognition, many people still do not realize when they are anxious or depressed. Once they do, the most important thing to do is seek help.

Helping Kids Help Themselves

Kids with a tough home life often wonder how they can help themselves. They can see a counselor, read workbooks or even talk with friends.