Reflections on the Mothering Experience

Mother’s Day has turned into a commercial bonanza lauding the work of mothers. Instead of focusing on the chores mothers do, we need to emphasize the mothering experience and how it can bring about fundamental change

The Tyranny of Being Busy

We’re so used to being busy that we don’t take time to think about what it means for us. Being busy helps get things done but often at too high of a price.

Gender Politics

Hillary Clinton gets a lot of hate but that may be more because of her gender rather than her policy proposals. This could prevent other women from becoming politicians.

What is Justice For Ethan Couch?

In revisiting Ethan Couch’s affluenza case, justice feels unsatisfying. If we are to help each other move forward, perhaps we should focus more on healing versus punishment. Restorative justice may be the answer.

The Leslie Knope of It All

Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation is an amazing feminist character. Her love of government service, compassion, enthusiasm and champion of women make her a fabulous role model for all of us.

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Figuring out what to do about the unwelcome attention of an ex-partner can be a challenge. Putting distance, ensuring your safety and concentrating on healthy relationship skills can help.

Why Work-Family Balance is for Everyone

Work-family balance is a hot topic but part of the problem is how we frame it as an individual problem. If we focus on “having it all” as something that affects families and not just women, we have a better chance of effecting meaningful change