Emotional Pain – Sharing the Pain is Good

Although we are hardwired for empathy, so many people indulge in selfish behavior. Our culture would be in a lot better shape if more people demonstrated empathy — and here are three skills that can help increase empathy.

People Are Stupid…Until They’re Not

People are stupid! Those are the words one of my adolescent patients threw at me recently. She was responding to the near constant harassment she endures at school from many of her peers. She said it defiantly, almost like she was daring me to contradict her. And as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t, not really. Because she is right. People are stupid.

Grief is Nothing to Cry About

Our cultural narrative about grief is that it is something best left unmentioned. However, grief actually has quite a few positive results including helping us manage our world better.

Running on Empty: The Lost Promise of “The Lucky One”

As a family psychologist, I deal with the fall-out of divorce and am familiar with the struggles many have whenever new significant others enter their lives. Often, this is when the rubber meets the road of escalating conflict, as the divorced parents fully confront the reality of not having much control over all aspects of their children’s lives.

The Attack on Abortion, Birth Control and Women’s Fertility

Lawmakers are holding hearings on women’s healthcare issues and are refusing to allow women to even have a voice in them. Men are deciding for women just what it is that we can and cannot do with women’s fertility, our healthcare and our bodies.

It’s Time to Focus on REAL Rape Prevention

Rape is not about sex, it’s used as a tool of war. Rape is a way to actively oppress another human being. Rape is not about pleasure; it is about pain. Most importantly, rape is and always has been about the need for power and control.