Overcoming the Cowardly Lion Within

It is difficult to find the courage to do things we are scared to do. In order to help us overcome our internal Cowardly Lion, here are 7 tips to help us become courageous.

Setting Good Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is tough but necessary for good mental health. Here are some ideas for how to do it.

Firm Boundaries Can Help Divorced Families

Divorce can be difficult especially when adding someone new. Yet things like open communication and firm boundaries can help divorced families successfully integrate new partners.

Helping Kids Help Themselves

Kids with a tough home life often wonder how they can help themselves. They can see a counselor, read workbooks or even talk with friends.

Emotions Come From the Heart Instead of the Head

emotions, heart

Emotions are very important. They can mean the difference between health and sickness and good relationships and bad. If people learn how to truly feel their emotions, they can gain the emotional intimacy they want.

The Challenges of Being Gifted

Although there are differing opinions on what constitutes giftedness, one common definition is obtaining a score of 130 or higher on an IQ assessment like the Stanford-Binet or the WISC. That score is 2 standard deviations from the mean of 100 and roughly 3-5% of the population falls within that area. Thus, one reason why gifted people often feel very …