Hazel Scott: Playing the Right Notes

Hazel Scott was a musical genius who also challenged injustice. Although she’s been forgotten, her talent and dedication to equality deserve to be remembered.

Goodbye to Princess Leia and Her Mom

In a heartbreaking coda to a turbulent 2016, we lost both Princess Leia and her mother. While many will remember them for the memorable movie roles they played, I’ll always think of what wonderful women they were and the unsinkable bond that they shared.

I’m Ready for a Revolution Too

In sharing their stories of sexual assault, women have started changing the social order in which men can behave badly without consequence. Instead of armed revolt, I’m ready for a revolution in which women’s voices matter.

Fathering Ironman: A New Way to View Father’s Day

Tony Stark (Iron Man) had a difficult relationship with his father. Although his dad loved him, Tony never believed that he did and this negatively affected him. It could be that Howard Stark didn’t know how to be a good dad. With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time we reconsidered the fathering role so that it’s better for both dads and kids.

Reflections on the Mothering Experience

Mother’s Day has turned into a commercial bonanza lauding the work of mothers. Instead of focusing on the chores mothers do, we need to emphasize the mothering experience and how it can bring about fundamental change

The Tyranny of Being Busy

We’re so used to being busy that we don’t take time to think about what it means for us. Being busy helps get things done but often at too high of a price.